Maintenance is key to keeping your wash working well and decreasing down time. We provide several car wash maintenance services that will help you extend the life of your equipment and repair any issues you may have.

Our services include:

Site Evaluation

We provide a complete site evaluation to walk through your wash and determine if there are any issues. During this site evaluation we will talk through solutions and determine what we can do to help keep you up and running or how we can help build your new wash. Learn more.

Repair Services

Car Wash equipment is bound to break down sometimes. Our team is here to help get you back up and running again. Our technicians have experience working on a variety of equipment and can complete car wash repairs for you as needed. Learn more.

Preventative Maintenance

One way to ensure that your wash is working properly and to minimize downtime is to perform preventative maintenance. Our team will go through an extensive checklist to make sure your wash is running in top condition. If we find any issues, we will work with you to get them fixed and get your wash back up and running. Learn more.

Chemical Service

Your equipment can be working, but cars aren’t coming out clean. Have you checked your soaps? Our team can come check the application and titrations of your soaps so that the cars going through your wash come out clean. Learn more.